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Genocide policy

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SS Oberfuhrer, Oscar Dirlewanger (1895-1945):
August-September 1944 yr.

He was born in Wurzburg. He participated in the wars of 1914-1918. Was given a couple of awards. Was then transfered to the reserve in the rank of a seniour lieutenant. He was member of different volunteer corpuses in 1919-1923. Was kept in prison in 1920-1921 for breaking the allies law about the disarmament. He was member of the German People Union since 1919. In 1923 he was expelled from the High Trade school in Mannheim for anti-Semitic statements. Since 1923 he was member of the German National Socialist Labour Party. He was expelled in 1926, then joined it again and left it in 1928. He got his PhD in 1922. He worked as an economic supervisor in 1923-1933, then a taxation advisor, and an enteprise director. He was admitted to the Storm Department (SA) in 1932 and was again member of the German National Socialist Labour Party. Then he was sentenced for breach of public order. In 1933 he was deputy head of Labour office in Heil-Bronne. He was sent to prison for 2 years in 1934 for debauchery of youth under 14. Later he joined the "Condor Legion" of the Foreign Spanish Legion. After that he was accepted to SS. Since 1940 he was commander of the future "Dirlewanger special battalion" which had particular authorities. He took active part in the "struggle against bandits" in Poland and in the Soviet Union for a couple of years. He was later recipient of high military awards for that as well as for supressing the "people's army" rebellion in Warsaw. He was promoted SS Oberfuhrer then. He died on June 7, 1945 in the French captivity in Althausen (Oberschwaben).

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