Concentration camps


Fascists built more than 260 death camps and places of mass executions of people on the occupied territories of Belarus. A huge number of people became prisoners of concentration camps. Long rows of barbed wire, watch-towers and specially trained dogs embodied "the new fascist order". According to some incomplete data, more than 1 400 000 Belorussians were killed in these camps by Nazis.

A map of Belorussian people mass destruction places. The Great Patriotic war. 1941 - 1944:



Centers of provinces, the number of people killed in the city and the region


Regional centers, the number of people killed in the area


The biggest death camps and places of Soviet citizens mass destruction

Note: The number of people killed in the region also includes prisoners who died in death camps. Except for the places of mass destruction in Bronnaia Gora, Ozarichy and Berezvech deah camps. [7, p. 29]

Certain video, made after the liberation of the city of Mstislavl, testify to the ourage of fascists:

In the suburbs of the city of Mstislavl (2 Mb)
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