Minsk Ghetto


People of Minsk ghetto

Minsk ghetto is the biggest ghetto in Europe. About 100 thousand people were done away with there. Jews were the people who were most ruthlessly killed. They were evicted to special places called 'ghettos' and deprived of their property. In July 1941 fascists built a ghetto for jews.

Ethnic jews driven to the Minsk ghetto

The whole place covered Ostrovskaia, Obuvnaia, Opanskogo, Sukhaia, Zaslavskaia streets, Yubileinaia square and other adjacent territories. The ghetto was surrounded by barbed wire and was certainly guarded. 100 thousand ethnic Jews were driven there. Fascists tortured, robbed and taunted them. They bayonetted them and threw alive into the flames of fire. Before being shot, people who were sentenced to death were commanded to sing and dance. Dirt, congestion and cold reigned in the ghetto. Massacres followed one another. Only 85 thousand people remained alive by August 1941. And by summer 1942 fascists finished almost all of them off. What strikes most is the cynicism and the cold blood with which fascists kept record of all killed people. On July 31, 1942 commissar Kube reported to "Ostland's" Reichscommissar Lose: "Around 55 thousand jews have been killed in Belorussia in recent weeks. And all jews have been exterminated in Minsk and its region." A smiliar trend was observed on all territory of Belorussia.

Over 70 ghettos were built in Belorussia

On July 10, 2000 the Memorial Complex "Minsk ghetto" was opened in Minsk. This is a monument to Hitler's genocide policy victims in Belorussia.
Minsk, Zaslavskaia street.
Architect: L. Levin. Sculptor: E. Polak, A. Finsky.

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