Documentary photo exhibition «Khatyn»


The documentary photo exhibition "Khatyn" was opened in July 2004 by the time of the 60th anniversary of liberation from German fascist invaders. The photos tell the story of innocent victims killed during the Second World War, which was started by fascists for the sake of implementing their utopian idea of world reign and domination.

Mass extermination of civilians in the occupied countries for "clearing the vital space for the Aryan race" is the most horrible page of this war.

Women, children, old men — all of them died under bullets or on the gallows. Many were burnt in fire… 260 places of mass extermination of people are the sorrowful reality which the map of Belarus depicts.

The first exposition tells about the beginning of the Second World War, about the occupation of European countries and about the attack on the Soviet Union.

The second exposition hall is dedicated to the village of Khatyn, Trostenets and Ozarichy. The three are tragic symbols of all grief that Belorussians had to suffer and endure during the Great Patriotic War.

The third hall tells you the story of how the memorial complex "Khatyn", erected in memory of the war victims, was built.

There you will also find a series of autolithographies by Vasily Sharangovich — people's artist of Belarus. They bear the title "In remembrance of villages on fire" (The Prize of the State, 1986).

Artistic concept is by E. Agunovich, honoured public figure in the field of culture, member of the Belorussian Union of artists, and by V. Kondratiev — member of the Belorussian Union of artists.

Design and performance is by V. Kondratiev.

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