Reconstruction of the state memorial complex «Khatyn»


In 2004 on the instruction of the Belorussian president reconstruction and restoration of the State memorial complex 'Khatyn' was held.

It was planned as part of the work done for celebrating the 60th anniversary of liberation from German fascists. A social Labour Day took place on April 24, 2004. Traditionally the President of the Republic of Belarus took part in it.

The reconstruction of the memorial "Khatyn" is the main part of a large-scale campaign aimed at renovation of historical monuments in Belarus. Today many of them need restoration badly.

During the Social Labour Day the Belorussian president and some other high standing officials together with common workers were covering with concrete the base and the steps of the area around the Eternal Fire of the memorial "Khatyn".

After examining the memorial complex, Alexander Lukashenko pointed to a number of other important details linked to a good arrangement of the whole territory. However, the reconstruction was not supposed to interfere with the general idea of the complex and its image was to be preserved, he added.

All funds raised during the republican Social Labour Day were assigned for the renovation of the Great Patriotic War monuments.

A solemn meeting was held on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from fascist invaders. It was on July 1, 2004 in Khatyn. The Ukranian president L. D. Kuchma, the Russian president V. V. Putin and the president of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko took part in it.

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